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Imagine a story combining the magical history of the Holy Land with the realism of the present...

Click to Enlarge "The Greatest Miracle of All- The story of Jesus" presents illustrated figures carefully woven into breathtaking photographs of the Holy Land's historical biblical sites.

This magical tale takes you on a journey through some of the most famous places in history, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Galilee , to reveal the spiritual connection that joins past with present, legend with reality- as never seen before…

The book's unique cast of illustrated characters, drawn by the internationally renowned Sesame Street animator , are given new life as they reenact this collective tale, touching millions of lives worldwide, and creating a thread of time that is a joy to read and a pleasure to view.

This exciting Christian Children's book tells the story of Jesus, realistically depicted against an ever so tangible backdrop, to facilitate a renewed discovery of Christianity and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A truly delightful experience for everyone - young and old!
Image of Jesus and his diciples in the area of Galilee. The photograph was taken at the sea of Galilee, near the Church of St Peter. Click to enlarge!
Image of baby Jesus in Bethlehem. The photograph was taken at the Holy Nativity Church in Bethlehem. Click to enlarge!

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